Gardner Bender  22-10 Ga. Insulated Wire  Terminal and Connector Kit

Gardner Bender 22-10 Ga. Insulated Wire Terminal and Connector Kit

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Product Description

Dependable and easy to use, Gardner Bender terminals (and wiring accessories) offer the high quality and application flexibility that professionals demand. Available in a variety of options, look to Gardner Bender for secure wire connection options. Whether it is securing to a bolt or stud, splicing or repairing wires or making quick connections, terminals are there for all your applications needs in any type of environment.
  • Contains 175 pieces of commonly used solderless terminals
  • Includes ring terminals, spades terminals, hook terminals, butt splices, shank insulated NEMA disconnects, plug disconnects, and fully insulated NEMA disconnects
  • Temperature rating of 167 degree Fahrenheit
  • Includes a variety of ring and spade terminals, butt splices and male and female disconnects
  • Comes in a reusable case
  • Vinyl insulated terminals


  • Brand Name: Gardner Bender
  • Wire Size: 22-10 Ga.
  • Wire Type: Insulated Wire
  • Product Type: Terminal and Connector Kit
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Number in Package: 175 pk
  • Packaging Type: Carded
  • Wire Range: 22-10 AWG
  • UL Listed: No
  • CSA Listed: No
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 11 ring terminals (16-14) AWG, stud size (8), 12 ring terminals (16-14) AWG, stud size (10), 9 ring terminals (16-14) AWG, stud size (10+), 9 butt splices (16-14) AWG, 11 female disconnects (16-14) AWG, and 11 male disconnects (16-14) AWG.
  • Click here to see the Safety Data Sheets for this product